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saint etienne - finisterre

Music by: Saint Etienne
Album: Finisterre (2002)

I loved to draw when I was a little girl, it helped me see the world as I wanted it to be. Sometimes I walk home through a network of car parks just because I can. I love the feeling of being slightly lost, to find new spaces, new routes, new areas. I love the lack of logic. I love the feeling of being slightly lost.

I belive that music in the long run can straighten out most things. There are too many bands that act lame. Sound tame. I believe In Electrelane. Over here it's new, it's now, it's you, it's clean. The beard and lipstick scene. So look beyond Big brother, gossip culture, so bored of stupidity. The myth of common sense. I believe in Donovan over Dylan, in love over cynicism.

Finisterre, to tear it down and start again. Think about the love.

Five miles north is a town of silver birches. Twenty-seven churches. A look of horror if you drop an H. Around here its hoods up and heads down, got it the wrong way around. When things get turned around I slow down, dream about the notion of the perfect city. Imagine the 19th century never happened. Just a straight run from Beau Brummell to Bauhaus. Dreams never end. This house believes in skyscrapers.

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05 23

Out hud
Album: Let us never speak of it again (2005)
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05 16

Architecture in Helsinki
Album: In case we die (2005)
- Maybe you can own me
- Do the whirlwind
Album: Fingers corssed (2003)
- To and fro

Album: Open season (2006)
- Inside + out (Apostle of hustle unmix live at the BBC)
- Lovertits (with Gonzales)
- Gatekeeper (One room one hour mix)
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Album: Computerwelt (1981)
- It's more fun to compute
- Computerwelt 2
- Heimcomputer
- Computerliebe

Death form above 1979
Album: Romance bloody romance (2005)
- Black history month (Girl on girl revision)
- Little girl (MSTRKRFT edition)
- Sexy results (MSTRKRFT edition)
- Romantic rights (Marczech Makuziak remix)

Bloc party
Album: Silent alarm remixed (2005)
- This modern love (Dave Pinaka & Adam Sparkle's mix)
- Like eating glass (Ladytron zapatistat mix)
- The pioneers (M83 remix)
- Banquet (Phones disco edit)

Album: The golden unplugged album (1994, 1995 y 1999)
- You've been flirting again
- Joga
- Crying
- The modern things

Album: Jazzmatazz vol. 3: streetsoul (2000)
- Where's my ladies? - Big Shug
- Certified - Bilal
- Mashin' up the world - Junior Reid
- Timeless - Herbie Hancock

Album: Fragments of freedom (2000)
- Love is rare
- Love sweet love (ft. Mr. Complex)
- In the hands of the gods (ft. Biz Markie)
- Shallow end

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05 09

Album: The geometrid (2000)
- Mondo '77

Medeski, Martin & Wood
Album: End Of The World Party (Just In Case) [2004]
- Queen bee
- Mami gato
- Macha

Belle & Sebastian
Album: Books (2004)
- Wrapped up in books
Album: Dear catastrophe waitress (2003)
- Asleep on a sunbeam
- Dear catastrophe waitress

- Parklife
- The charmless man
- Girls & boys

Album: Dots and loops (1997)
- Parsec
- Contronatura
- Flower called nowhere

The arcade fire
Album: Neon bible (2007)
- Black mirror
- Keep the car running
- Black waves / bad vibrations

International pony
Album: Mit Dir sind wir Vier (2006)
- Gothic girl
- Solid gold
- Gonzo's grill party

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