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03 07

Royksöpp – Someone like me

Lindstrøm – Another station
Tracey Thorn – Hands up on the celling
Lovage – Ladies love Chest Rockwell
Anita O’Day – Sing, sing, sing (RSL remix)

Lindstrøm - Music (in my mind)
Pizzicato Five – We love Pizzicato Five
Pizzicato Five – Such a beautiful girl like you
Tracey Thorn – Get around it
Lovage – Stroke ace
Shierly Horn – Come dance with me (Sugardaddy remix)

Lindstrøm – I feel space
Pizzicato Five – Happy sad
Tracey Thorn – Falling of a log
Lovage – Anger management
Blossom Dearie – Just one of those things (Brazilian girls remix)

Lindstrøm – The contemporary fix
Tracey Thorn – Grand canyon
Lovage – Sex (I’m a)
Sarah Vaughan – Peter Gunn (Mad Sadgley remix)

Royksöpp – Someone like me

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